Saturday, 28 August 2010

Floristically enhanced plot

The daisies are long gone now, but the plot is still a source of activity for insects both crawling and flying and still beautiful to the eye.
Can you see the spider's nests in the flower head - full of baby spiders when you get up close!

Sweet clover

The sweet clover has also been providing nectar for the bees all summer.
The flowers have nearly all gone now and much of the aroma, but it has kept the bees happy for months!

Red clover plot

The red clover has been magnificent this year - check out the activity on the trial plot.

Butterflies galore on the trial plots

This month the butterflies have been breath-taking - I hope my photos do them justice!

Not sure about the blue one is it a holly blue - any ideas??

Bees in august

Bees come in all shapes and varieties.