Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Open Farm Sunday

We had such an incredible time on Open Farm Sunday back in June, over nine months ago now and I was asked by LEAF to put a video together about the day. This is our video of how we prepared and undertook the farm walk. We are blessed to live is such a beautiful part of the world and the video shows some of our hidden corners on the farm. Open Farm Sunday is all about explaining what you do on your farm, how food is produced and the different jobs that are done in the cycle of producing food each year. The conversation points are endless.

Every farm is different some are huge multi-million pound farming businesses, others smallholdings that are managed before and after work and at the weekends and many other farms are family farms. This is what makes our landscape so unique and special.


Jake Freestone said...

Brilliant piece of work Louise, I hope you are planning a repeat for 2009, good luck.

Dr Louise Manning said...

Thanks, Jake. It was great to get involved. I see that you are holding an Open Farm Sunday workshop soon. We are not opening this year on Open Farm Sunday but I will be involved on another farm. I have also been encouraging lots of other local farms to open and share their story too. We have always had farm walks in January and June (and a bat walk in the churchyard which was great) - so this year it is May and August. It is good to have the farm walks at different times of the year so that visitors who return can see farm during different seasons and also the crops at different stages. Good luck to you too with all your farm walks and visits