Thursday, 9 October 2008

Planting for a new crop

We have taken the big step to plant this year without ploughing. This decision will affect our yield so it is a bit of a gamble but I hope one that pays off in many ways. Ploughing and turning the soil over means that carbon dioxide is naturally released into the atmosphere. This carbon dioxide is then taken up by the plants again as they grow. The carbon cycle is a natural cycle of how carbon is taken up in plants, animals and humans and then released to be reused again. I tried to find a simple, but informative diagram to demonstrate this process.

You can't use this method for all crops but it is appropriate for for arable crops - wheat, oil seed rape, etc. I will keep you posted on how the decision works out. Maybe in the future we will even be able to claim carbon credits for less cultivation of the soil as we will be storing more carbon in the soil which will in a small way offset carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere.

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