Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Porridge weather

Well, my children call this porridge weather. When they were small and went for a walk on the farm in weather as we are having at the moment, the clay soil would stick to their boots and pretty soon the "clod" would be bigger and a lot heavier than the wellington boot itself. Its like walking in porridge, thus the family saying. It makes a family walk quite exhausting, especially when I used to have to carry a toddler when they got tired - plus you come back absolutely plastered in mud - but fun too - though another load of washing for the washing machine!

Everything is looking a little bedraggled - I travelled to London on the train and was looking at other peoples farming out of the window - being nosy really! and I was struck by how waterlogged the fields were and the high level of the rivers and streams.

I will try and take some photos if we get a brighter day, lots of fog and mist lately, because the oak trees are still holding onto their autumn leaves. The birds are eating the seed out of the feeders as quickly as we fill them, so the wet weather must be affecting them too.

The sparrow hawk has taken to sitting on the telegraph wires as it does every winter morning just surveying the scene. Living on the farm, we are so lucky to be able to be this close to nature.

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