Wednesday, 19 September 2007


We used to grow about forty acres of hops (forty football pitches!) and now they have all gone, mainly because we couldn't compete on cost with the US and China, and also because we had a disease called wilt that killed the plants. In the 1940s we would probably have welcomed about 1500 people into our local area in hop-picking time from Birmingham and the Black Country who came to pick the hops by hand. Sadly, all that has gone now and all the traditions with it. We still have some hops in the hedgerows though to remind us of how it used to be!

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Daniel Paczkowski said...

Really? No hop?

I remember when I was at Hill Farm in 1995 to pick the hops. Fantastic time! My first time in Great Britain. I remember the end of work in September and good evening in local pub after that. Met nice people there.