Saturday, 4 August 2007

Foot and Mouth Disease

Today as I drove around Herefordshire I found myself thinking about all the fields I saw that were filled with suckler herds (beef cows and calves), lambs and ewes. Foot and Mouth is in the UK! It drew me back to a prayer issued by the Archbishop of Canterbury during the 2001 crisis:

Eternal God, our loving Creator, look with compassion on those whose life's work is in ashes and all who are caught up in the crisis affecting our farming communities. Give grace and wisdom to all who carry heavy burdens of responsibility: those who have to slaughter and dispose of affected animals; those who administer the necessary systems of controls; those deciding Government policy. And in your mercy grant that our countryside may soon be free from this disease and turmoil, that all your creatures may flourish, families and communities be at peace, and all be free to enjoy the beauty of your creation. We ask this in the name of the great Shepherd of the sheep, Jesus Christ our Saviour.

Let's hope that this outbreak is localised and quickly under control, above all it struck me how unsuspecting the animals were today, as they grazed in the fields!

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