Saturday, 14 July 2007

Water, water everywhere

Well it continues to rain here on the farm, my vegetable garden seems to be growing wildly and as it is the first year that I have grown cabbages, I now understand why they have to be grown so far apart - I'll follow the instructions a little more closely next year. There aren't many birds around - the swifts and housemartins have stopped throwing their chicks out of their nests. I wonder if perhaps they did not think there were enough insects about to feed them all?

We had forty pairs around the house last year - we would be lucky to have ten this year and they seem to be struggling to look after one brood - shows the dramatic impact of the weather. The family of crows seem resilient as usual - every year the pair seem to have three chicks and they are in full voice now on the mornings that it is not raining!!

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