Saturday, 23 June 2007

Go to work on an egg

Lots of discussion this week on whether the "Go to work on an egg" adverts should have been banned. Tremendous publicity for eggs! The campaign has probably received more media time that if it had been accepted and the adverts shown.

Nutrition messages aside and several people in our house have four - five eggs a week either poached, as omelettes, yorkshire pudding with Herefordshire Top-side of Beef (for Father's Day last Sunday except my first set were a disaster because the oven wasn't hot enough. We came back late from the Three Counties Show and I wanted to cook a roast dinner before it was time for getting ready for school the next day and was too impatient!), cakes (which reminds me I have to cook a dose of cakes for the school fete tomorrow afternoon), etc.

As with every poultrydiscussion we always come to the conclusion there must be balance and a vegetable omelette with lettuce picked fresh from the garden with a chilli dressing - can't beat it!!

If you want to see so vintage comedy though do take a look at the website - follow the link.

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