Monday, 28 May 2007

Local food in season

Need some help deciding what British food is in season? Then follow the link to this great website that gives lots of ideas on how you can reduce your global impact by eating in season and if possible sourcing locally!

Click on the menu on seasonal dishes and then look at the month - we are having rhubarb crumble today - delicious!

Human footprint

If you want to work out your entire human footprint and have a bit of fun too follow the link to This website provides a fascinating insight into what your global footprint might be!

Carbon footprint

Are you interested in how carbon footprint is calculated? If so, find out how Tesco have determined their carbon footprint by checking out the following link In January 2007, Tesco announced that they would measure and publish their total direct carbon footprint as part of their commitment to tackle climate change. They identified their aim was to establish a clear baseline from which they could track their progress in reducing emissions, and enable them to identify those areas of the Tesco's business where they needed to prioritise their actions.

Nuffield visit to Brussels

A group from the 2007 Nuffield farming scholars have just been on a trip to Brussels to gain an insight into how the European Union works. It was a very informative trip and we had some excellent speakers covering a wide range of topics including the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) reform, EU Environmental Policy, issues for farmers and producers in Hungary and Germany, the continuing GM debate, and consumer perception of food issues.

It has prepared us all for our travels - many begin in two weeks time going to China for a study tour.

We walked through the city taking in the feel of the cafe society and looking at the sights (photos above) and also enjoyed the Eurostar journey through the countryside of France (photo above) and Belgium.

Monday, 14 May 2007

Chocolate offsetting

Do you feel guilty when you eat too much chocolate? Try out the new link on Chocolate offsetting - will it be a bit more exercise - substitute some fruit in your diet or a smoothy?

This has raised some poultrydiscussion!

On a more serious note - Eat in Colour is a great website with lots of tips on how you can incorporate more fruit and vegetables in your diet - try the recipes on the recipe wheel or check out the healthy A to Z.

Thursday, 3 May 2007

Water footprint

Have you checked your water footprint yet?
There is a very informative website where you can investigate water usage either individually or as a nation. There is a good calculator where you can work out your personal water footprint - it is interesting to see the impact of diet on your water footprint! Click on the link to find out more


The last two days I have been working in Kent - often called "the garden of England" and beautiful it is too, what with the apple blossom in the orchards and the strawberries already being picked - two weeks earlier than last year and aren't they succulent and sweet! Look out for them in the shops - they will be there any day soon.