Sunday, 15 April 2007

Oil Seed Rape

Picture 1: Winter Oil Seed Rape (Canola) - growing - January 2007

Picture 2 Winter Oil Seed Rape (Canola) - in flower April 2007

This last week the oil seed rape has come into flower. From the hill that we live on the vista is completely yellow! Farmers have planted rape, or canola as it is known in the US, so that we can supply the vegetable oil, animal feed or fledgling biodiesel market. It is incredible to watch how the plant captures the energy from the sun - first to grow and then to make oil. It was planted in the autumn and by January (Picture 1) the plants were well established; now in April (Picture 2) the plants are in flower and a metre tall. Now that you have seen it growing check out the vegetable oil on the food shelves - Does it contain rapeseed oil , which countries does the oil come from? Many labels also carry a picture of the plant. Watch out in August on this blog for pictures of the harvest -

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