Wednesday, 25 April 2007

Mormon connections

We had a steady stream of visitors during April who came to visit the farm and primarily the baptism pond, which is a historic church site. In March 1840, the American missionary Wilford Woodruff came to the farm and after meeting the farmers, John and Jane Benbow, proceeded to convert them and over 600 local people to the Church of the Latter Day Saints. Many were baptised at Hill Farm. The Benbows went over to the US and undertook the trek to Utah, sadly Jane Benbow died on the journey in Nebraska.

We have many visitors from all over the world who come to see the pond and other local LDS historic sites.

More of the story in another poultrydiscussion post!

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Heather Gorringe said...

I've just been listening to Louise telling the whole story of William Woodruff and John Benbow and the Benbows Farm. Check it out here: