Sunday, 22 April 2007

Eating fruit and vegetables

In my research I have recently been looking at data on how much fruit and vegetables we eat nationally and globally. I was very interested to see that in the UK we are still falling well below the minimum World Health Organisation guideline of 400 grammes per person per day of fruit and vegetables (excluding potatoes). In the UK this has been transposed into the 5-a-day campaign. This week as a family of five if we ate our kilo (kg) of conventional fruit per day we would have to buy 1.5kg a day to cover wastage as strawberries it would cost us £3.75 a day; grapes £2.96; apples and pears at least £1.92; bananas £1.04! For vegetables per family 1.5kg it would cost for mange-tout £8.40; frozen peas between £0.95 and £2.48 depending on the type of frozen peas; broccoli £1.92; swede £1.12; carrots £1.05!

An average UK family of five is spending around £3 - £4 a day on fruit and vegetables just to meet minimum WHO guidelines!

Well we are getting our "veggie patch" going - but over a tonne of fruit and vegetables a year is a tall order! Checkout poultrydiscussion again to see how we progress!

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